Weak Auras

Big shout out to WAGO.IO for all my weak auras

General WAs

Current Equipment Set – https://wago.io/rJk75D7Sf/3

Current Equipped Set (icon) An icon that shows the image and name of the currently equipped item set. If the set is not complete, changes the color of the text to yellow if the missing items are in the inventory or red if they are missing.

Buffs (procs) v1.2 – https://wago.io/Ek-IVXw3Z/10

These WeakAuras are to keep track of any Weapon Enchant, Potion or Trinket buff. This does not include all trinkets, only the ones that provide a buff to your character. These do NOT track CD’s

Use Artifact Power – https://wago.io/V1TaUnxaf/10

Creates a button to use your Artifact Power Items. By Orh and Airfrischung.

Explosive Orbs – https://wago.io/NyIGCeCnf

Weakaura for Explosive Affix It works off enemy nameplates so if you don’t have them enabled this won’t work for you. Need to have Always Show Nameplates On too. (Have option in Actions>On Init to auto enable them. Use them only if you usually have them disabled because it assumes that you have and will disable them no matter what after exiting dungeon.)

Legion Dungeons – Dangerous Spells – https://wago.io/LegionDungeonDangerousSpells/23

  • Show in various ways who is targeted by dangerous spells in dungeon
  • Glow on party frame
  • Icon on party frame
  • If multiple cast on same target, show how many cast
  • Target’s name on enemy nameplate
  • Sound when targeted

PhoGuild – Antorus – Eonar – Teleprompter – https://wago.io/rkyLUGtbM/4

Text instructions for Mythic Eonar. It basically tells you WTF is going on right now and what is coming up in real time. Includes wave spawns and paraxis portals Strategy and timing provided by Raichu – Zul’jin

T21 complete Antorus Icons – https://wago.io/SJ92um5LW/150



Torty disc cds – https://wago.io/rkJX94JdM

Penance (icon) Power Word: Shield (icon) PWR (icon) Schism (icon) Divine Star (icon) Evangelism (icon) Halo (icon) ishkar felshield (icon) carafe disc (icon) Velens disc (icon) Light’s Wrath (icon) Shadowfiend (icon) Power Infusion (icon) Rapture (icon) Power Word: Barrier (icon)

Mend’s Cursor 2.0 – https://wago.io/E1MPaAktz/8

This WA is anchored to your cursor and will do the following:
GCD Tracker Power Word: Shield Cooldown Penance Cooldown DoT Duration – This will glow when under 5 seconds left on duration and pulse when no DoT is present. Blue Circle – Dispel CD Purple Circle – Shadowfiend/Mindbender active time remaining Red text below cursor – Rapture active duration Two boxes below cursor – Power Word: Radiance tracker. Green Bar + Whistle Noise: Disc 4pc proc


Holy HuD – https://wago.io/ByQ-5VmSf/1


Reventoni’s Shadow (7.3.5 Antorus T21) – https://wago.io/SJBwnzWd-/6

These WeakAuras made with Insanity Bar by Twintop. Nearly all talents support + sephuz support + cloak legendary (Zeks Exterminatus) support!



Arcane Mage – Khakhan – https://wago.io/VyXPiK_q-/7

Presence of Mind Works in all client languages. Featured auras: Arcane Charges show as the purple bar directly underneath the main icons. Rune of Power has a bar below the Mana bar. It will turn red and shake if you aren’t getting the RoP buff. RoP glows at 2 stacks and 4 Arcane Charges. Arcane Orb glows whenever it’s available and you have 2 or fewer Arcane Charges.


Mage: Frost – https://wago.io/HJLeR5PAb/11

Stack count on Frostbolt icon is for current Chain Reaction stacks. Stack count on Ice Lance is for current stacks of Fingers of Frost. • Icy Veins bar counts down while Icy Veins is active, and counts up while on cooldown. • The snowflake textures in the middle represent current Icicle stacks. • Top progress bar for Ice Barrier. Bar itself counts down the duration of the buff, the right text is the remaining absorb amount. • Range checking desaturates to a red color when the ability is not in range.

Mage: Fire – https://wago.io/S1LCaqwC



Druid Buffs Large – https://wago.io/4kig3xBdb/5

Lust Druid Incarnation Resto Essence of G’hanir Incarnation Guardian Incarnation Balance Incarnation Feral Celestial Alignment Berserk Starfall Innervate Buff Barkskin Buff Frenzied Regen Buff Survival Instincts Buff Bristling Fur Buff Ironbark Guardian Spirit Buff Life Cocoon Buff Pain Suppression Buff Blessing of Sacrifice Buff

Resto Druid CD – https://wago.io/V1EbRIfuZ/6

Wild Growth Flourish Innervate Ironbark Barkskin Cenarion Ward Renewal Displacer Beast Wild Charge Tranq Incarnation Nature’s Cure

Resto Druid HUD V1.3 – https://wago.io/V1EbRIfuZ/6

Resto Druid Stat Weights 2.1a – https://wago.io/rdsw2.0/7

Updated for 7.3.2! RDSW is a real time analysis tool that will automatically calculate stat weights for resto druids in raids and dungeons. First time using the Weak Aura? Full instructions are provided here: https://questionablyepic.com/minis/rdsw/


HUD_Druid_AfenarUI – https://wago.io/NyIGCeCnf



Paladin: Protection – https://wago.io/ryHzK5D-z/4


Paladin: Retribution – https://wago.io/SkVVINbA-/21