Tier Over!

Full tilted… 🙁

The beginning of a fresh week and Vantis Runes for Elisande time. Getting into Phase two was a promising aspect as phases become easier as each transition occurs. Leaving close to a month to work on the dreaded Gul’dan! and that tasty cutting edge achievement.

Pausing at Elisande Heroic for the normal kill of last two bosses, before continuing progression. Dupz is prepping us for a significant speech.

Oh man, is this a team re-shuffle? knowing, more or less how things have been going perhaps the raid leaders are troubled with performance or setup. Considering as a team we have cleared everything, bar Mythic Helya at a blistering speed, sometimes quite a bit quicker. Currently sitting at fourth for progression on the realm (as a team) RAZE Mythic 1 takes the top spot. I can’t see what would be wrong.

Appears like this is going to be a fairly grave discussion no matter what, though the tone has been set. Dupz and Marrowgar are articulating the burn-out that many, many players are facing during Nighthold. Holy shit! This is a ‘Do you want to continue progression or not’ talk!!

No, No, No, No! 8/10. The composition has settled to an all-star lineup.  We each out gear Gul’dan by an actual mile. Nearly if not everyone has a concordance, trait that the end boss wasn’t tuned around. Some in the group have even got concordance in a second spec.

Surely everyone will realise that if we stop now all that grind would have been for nothing. Could of all waited three days before Tomb and had more Artifact Knowledge levels to just breeze through it.

Surely everyone will realise that there’s no need to play Warcraft outside of raid times if the burn is kicking in. No grind. No gear hunting. No worries.

Surely at this point, we can even take the foot off the pedal on progression night and IF we down a boss then cool, if not, nevermind. Relaxed, chilled raid with friends with the goal of getting one step closer.

Surly, as Mythic two team, we don’t see ourselves as the ‘Shadow of Mythic one’. The team that just messes around through tiers. The team that just gives up a month before, with only Gul’dan left between us and the finish line.



Staw-poll results would suggest that the burn is real. Tier progression is over… 🙁

Completely deflated at this point. Smashed Concordance towards the beginning of Star Augar as many others had. Can’t believe now that the work has been completed, we are going to stop. The burn has been and gone, this is the moment you reap the rewards.

Imagine going fishing. You set the bait, cast your line and wait. Hours go past, you re-cast. You keep fishing. You keep your eye on the prize. Sat all day you finally get a bite, and you fight this thing all the way in. Caught in the net, this hard work has paid off, she’s a beauty.

You can feel the weight as you carry to your car, ready to cook. Driving home from a successful day, ready to taste that sweet, sweet reward. As you pull up you can almost smell the cooking meat…Only to get out the car and think ‘I’m too tried to carry it indoors’

I know these are just my views and opinions, but I’ve also been able to see where the other side is coming from. I fully understand the wanting to chill before Tomb. The last thing the team needs walking in there is comp issues straight off the bat. Both sides of the argument are justified and valid, even if diametrically opposed to my own.

I may have sent off a rather emotionally driven, rather than logical message off to Dupz. Asking about the current recruitment for Mythic 1. Subsequently feeling like I’m turning my back on the guys. Which isn’t what I meant.

I play a lot and I enjoy being pushed, I remember joining Mythic 2 back in mid-Emerald Nightmare. Walking in never Mythic Raiding before (one or two bosses) as the bottom healer, and I’d like to say finishing a little higher now xD and that curve, that drive to be competitive was a real buzz.

Perhaps I’m overreacting, maybe walking in with a fresh team will be the best thing that could have happened. One thing for sure though. I won’t be breaking!

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