Day 1, or 2….Maybe 4 – Star Augar Etraeus

Made the mistake of leaving a blog post a couple of days as I’ve been grinding AP for concordance. Worse idea ever as can’t remember a damn thing, like the moment you go to the shop for eggs, milk and bread and return with nothing but bacon, thinking, knew I forgot something!! ­čÖé bright side though you’ve got bacon….perhaps I should continue writing after lunch.

Medacus jumped straight into progression on Wednesday, Dupz announced that due to the time constraints before the opening of Tomb the only way that we stand a chance of obtaining cutting edge is to drop the farm runs almost completely (bar Elisande and Gul’dan HC). Even Mythic kills at this point don’t seem worth the time. Mythic+ has completely changed the need to grind farm night. Although with tier pieces still being so strong it’s a shame those pieces aren’t on the dungeon loot table also.

I’m starting to question the need for the last two HC bosses, every week 30 minutes are used on a boss that most must surely have every piece possible. I’ve had to condense the progression nights into one complete blog, mostly due to the time for Concordance but also, the latest run was day 5. Only so much you can blog about on reoccurring attempts at a boss, although I guess I could Copy+Paste for each and really bulk this site out xD

we are all super excited after the fairly motivational speech Dupz delivered in regards to completing Nighthold and becoming a top percentage of guilds downing Gul’dan. This is an amazing feeling, the prospect that an average druid can be ranked in any shape or form is a novel experience. Kinda undermines the core foundation of the blog, follow a real Druid, not a superstar that gets it right all the time!

Apparently, this is where the requirements and mechanics become..struggling to find a word to describe something above ‘unforgiving’ as the last 3 bosses have been. I remember a number of times, especially Spellblade, having an ‘if one person fails, all fail’ ethos to the fight. This is no exception if you mess up Marks, you die, if you don’t drop pools, perfectly, you die. If everything is perfect, I mean not just standing and performing mechanics super crispy but procs need to line up as well, you may have a chance. Praying to RNGsus not to have that certain ability spawn on you during healing intensive moments.

I believe that this is described as the first boss that involves melee mechanics, and with a generally melee heavy comp that was apparent from the start. The knock on effect from having a melee heavy comp isn’t just more points of potential failure, but also after each attempt night, the chances that one of the many million melees in the group needs to be replaced. Means the refining positioning pulls start almost from scratch again.

This is not an issue solely centred around the bosses feet, the same rule of cause and effect occurs in the range camp also. New ranged members joined on the last attempt day, and I swear I turned full Sheldon ‘you’re in my spot, you’re in my spot’ I stand on the blue dots near mid on the right-hand side. Not too far back to limit full heals on the team or kiss the crystals being dropped on edge of encounter and certainly not close enough to the chaos that is the melee circle.

Star Augar Log

We started four healing this. HPS is so low throughout all phases but the last. It’s the lack of GCDs that’s the issue since the amount of individual damage going out can really one shot people in a couple of seconds. If one or two healers are tied up with Fel Nova, then there is a real and visible strain on the health. Yeah sure, to begin with, the more possibly avoidable damage will be taken and this always hurts, but that wasn’t an issue.

We switched to three heals on one of the nights, believe the aim was to count on RNG of Fel Nova phase, and get everyone plus an extra DPS to the third phase, full nuke.

Pulls could swing as far from being perfectly clean to a mess depending entirely on how many healers were busy with Fel Nova. I don’t find it too much of an issue as a Druid, Spamming rejev on a random target as it will last for close to 30 secs now. I can certainly relate to other classes though…and na, na, na na na, na Druids rock! xD

Couldn’t believe a Whisper I had from Dupz mid raid ‘That’s the 5th you’ve got the mark wrong, watch it’ what?!!! That night was an absolutely clean night! Don’t get me wrong we all know how many times DEAD appears in these blogs, part of the charm is Medacus isn’t perfect.

I had to say something as I was unsure where this information or the idea come from. The previous talk about a competitive team and with Narite waiting to join the team at any moment, I couldn’t let it go without defence.

Lucky I remembered exactly who I bumped with. I vocally asked Ebinissia if I bumped her and was safe, which she replied in agreeance. I’m not one to argue, but when I categorically and undeniably DIDN’T wipe the raid, I have to question it. The ‘Recap’ option when you die would say that Medacus exploded, whether this is just wrong or if when a wipe is called I jump for a wrong one on purpose I don’t know?!

Perhaps the logs can reveal more information on this in which I can post to clear my name lol, Of course, this is all I’m thinking about now during the subsequent pulls, have I? Did I? no I know I didn’t! But why did he say that? DEAD oh I’m standing in pools of doom and didn’t even noticed, overthinking a simple whisper…For the rest of the night.

Managed to get to the last phase of the boss, YES raid wide damage that needs constant topping up.. My time to shine!