Soul of the Archdruid

Super quick post, announcing I’ve just received, potentially BiS legendary on day 1 of patch!! Soul of the Archdruid! My ledgo luck is normally quite terrible, still no Velens or Tearstone. Would appear I can’t complain about that any longer.

But I have to say even with the crazy Resto nerfs I’m confident that we will still be strong. This ring is a playstyle-changer. The impression that Blizzard wants us to be more effective at single target and burst healing is apparent.

Felt the need to branch out to Turox and bounce some thoughts off of him. Stat weights and views on changes in general. Perhaps I’ll get him on Voice at some point and have a Resto discussion to post up for everyone.

I need to pull the numbers now. I can feel the eyes looking at the meters seeing how the patch has affected certain classes. The worse case scenario would be starting Tomb benched, as the run up would indicate other classes performing.

The only relieving factor is that I know Dupx one of the two raid leaders in the team, has not only healed, but Resto healed. He will fully understand that a druid healer is a progression healer. Farm content we are nothing but a rank 1 overheal machine.

Time to relook at talents and try out this new ring….farm run tonight! Will be dropping Cultivation (as I should of far earlier for farm :() replacing with TREE maybe even running with prosperity for a real ‘test run’

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