Mythic+ Maw, Court and Quaking

First time actually dealing with the Quaking affix, rushed a couple lower level keys 4-9. However, damage from the dungeon itself is low enough to not take attention away from the week’s mutation, Teeming, Quaking and Fortified.

Running Maw of Souls +11 an initial eye opener, most of the trash was drawn to the bridge, a frequently recognised tactic. Mobs were piled and so were team members. The Quake hit. Chaos ensued, DPS scattered along with so the enemy after them. Paladin Tank was taking a smooth amount of incoming from a +11 but the focus was entirely centred on the group as there is no evading the Quake!

Second trash pack was clean as a Druid could wish, melee DPS already developing a triangle around the Tank relieving the pressure of previous engagements. Warlock held back hovering outside of the danger zone…

Teeming, as always entirely changing the ‘route’ pre-planned in any Mythic+ attendees mind. There are additional mobs here, do we need them? no one knows, no one ever does, as the Teeming week passes so quickly does the memory of it. The number of enemy forces demanded to be killed shifts alongside, everyone has a selective set of favoured packs i.e. ANY but the trash on the boat.

The closing week was Tyrannical, bosses now feel like down time to decompress and regain some mana, allow cooldowns to re-appear on action bars. The boss isn’t Helya this week, it’s Mariners.

Finishing this race with a two chest prize, a welcoming warm up to tonight events, wasn’t the smoothest or the most Artifact Power remunerating but team gelling for the keys to come.
All eager to advance with the fresh Court of Stars +13

Court of Stars,

Deaths. Deaths everywhere. Deaths all the time. Moving through the stairs and bypassing first bridge, sentries started throwing out 6 million damaging axes at the Tank without the slightest, or kindest warning to prepare. Jumping dogs and resonant slashes of Death plagued the start of this Mythic+, single chest or depleted it has to be.

Once moving to the second larger area, things settled into a predictable and controlled rhythm the enemy forces number racking up. Smooth damage and well-positioned Quakes provided time, and hope to return for this to be an upgrade key run.

Albeit time to deal with Talixae Flamewreath, a boss with a stacking mechanic, wait, stacking? but, but we have Quaking, that’s a direct contradiction. RNGesus may not help members receive a Sephuz’s Secret 😉 but was shining down today as the Quakes finished with enough time to comfortably stack without so much as a delay. This was transforming into a solid run.

Oh, ‘find the spy game’ within Court of Stars, recognition for that blizzard. recall rushing this last week with fellow guildies and depleting due to this ‘fun game’. Run was surely doomed, entirely comprised of males, if anything like me unable to find keys, glasses or way out of a jumper in attempts to get dressed in the morning.

Paladin Tank squashed fears as he reinforced with abilities of the holy light and found the spy without hesitation, still on track and in for a two chest. just the last boss to conquer.

No Tyrannical, no worries…one of the two chests presented Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds a reasonable Restro legendary, unfortunately, will not displace current setup of Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus or Aman’Thul’s Wisdom…only that would be Velen’s Future Sight.

Which I’m so happy that our fellow Restro Druid in the raid team has. Honest. Looking onward to the continuation of the key with a Vault of the Wardens + 15 very soon