Four Druids of Apocalypse

Super quick post as I just wanted to show you guys a video that happened a couple of days ago. Sure as you all know by know, I’m a fan of Madskillzz. Great videos. great stream and super informative. If you haven’t seen his work please follow the links:

Turox is a Mythic 1 Resto Druid. He is on the same server as Medacus – Anachronos. I remember before rolling druid in legion, looking over Turox’s logs and his character on things like Wow-heroes and Warcraftlogs. Wasn’t until I really got into Medacus I fully looked up to this player!

It’s one thing to watch Slootbag or Sco, just smashing and being the ‘stars’, like a different league, separate from us normal raiders. But look at Turox I was able to set a benchmark. Something to aim for within realistic expectations while still being a moon-high bar to set.

I have been building a rapport with Madskillzz over the weeks of watching, always volunteering to heal during his balance ‘phase’ and on one night while in a queue for a Mythic+, Turox joins!! ‘seen Medacus and Madskillzz in a group. Couldn’t resist’

Holy boomerang batman! Medacus is rolling with the big hitters. Oh damn, I aim! can I hit hard enough? I’m well out of my league. No, relax damn it. You’ve healed a 19 no sweat and if anything rolling with super-pros will just make it easier. I’ll be fine.

Still, can’t believe this group….Gourt has joined! another full Mythic cleared druid in the party and from personal experience not only an outstanding tank but a generally awesome guy..hell at this rate there won’t be anything for me to heal.

Check out how it went… Absolutely gutted that my voice didn’t come through on the recording as expected but better than nothing.

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