Heroic Kil’jaden Kill

YES!!! we got him.

Maybe I put to much focus on trying to push for a mythic kill, we could of protentally got this cleared a week before. I have so much faith in our team, we defo take a moment or two longer to perfect a boss than our counterparts in Mythic 1 Team. But I know that we have the skill, and the willingness to push this tier.

Mythic Goroth was down to 20% on our last night at it, by the time we revist we would of clear heroic twice. Thats a massive gear change when facing an encounter like Goroth. I know we have a seriously strong chance of getting through him, without having to spend time perfecting mechanics.

Crossing into mythic is always a big step but once your in there, heroic becomes a cake walk. The gear is actual BiS rather than BiS for now. More than that though the moment you have mythic on farm, you know that you can start cutting more out. As in rather than running normal in ‘own’ time heroic will takee it’s place. Farm night will be to get to our progression point.

This is my plan to ease the burn, maybe it will work lol maybe.

I know that the way in which M2RAZE conducts the Goroth fight that we should kill it on Thursday coming. I’m worried about the boss after though. The amount of coordination required to manage both the interrupts and the cage switch maybe our downfall. Hartajan I’ve heard is quite abit harder than Demon though. Guess I should just keep my eye on the boss in front of me rather than in the distance. Even if close.

Brightside though the stream is growing almost naturally now and the number of views on youtube are climbing nicely. Thank you everyone for supporting.

Heroic Kil’jaden (KJelly) Progression night

Finally after only a couple of nights he’s down!! great job to everyone on the team.

Since we have already mastered Mythic Goroth, dropping to sub 20%. I can’t imagine that it will be long before we are cruising through the first couple Mythic bosses. It’s easy, with raiders like these!

Check out the stream of the progression and ultimatly the kill of Heroic Kil’jaden