Day 4 – High Botanist Tel’arn KILL

Got him or them, however you want to distinguish! it’s down! An hour and a quarter inside the raid, and that moment truly start to dawn on people. This is a kill pull.

Day 3 includes a number of the principal mechanics, and the main ‘issues’ group were still needing to rectify, to push this boss to a conclusion.

I mentioned in a prior post that [Germination] may be the stronger alternative. Even though the majority of the group is either piled on bosses feet or ranged with healers, for the [Toxic Spores] to spawn without too a significant interference.

Again boss is pulled to the final third stage without too much effort. Multiple attempts got Arcanist sub 20% by the time all members had dropped. [Call of Night] is such an unforgiving ability that even the briefest of moments not soaking, will put the healers to far behind to sustain the raid.

With [Call of Night] and [Solar Collapse], the HPS requirements surge through the roof, I believe this is the period [Germination] absolutely shines. Raid is spread and running from here to there, Tanks included due to the [Recursive Strikes] requiring to transverse the area. Instant cast and retaining [Rejuvenation] and [Germination] most is a godsend.

High Botanist Tel’arn Log

Kinda chuffed. During the opening pull of the night, I was ranked over 90% above other healers. Second pull there were talent changes apparent. Our other Druid Nartie started using the same choices and healing in general increased. I don’t choose to ‘tell’ others, as I don’t see myself an expert in any way to justify explaining to them. I’m just a Druid that loves the game and I heal with some damn solid players, who have certainly help me with talent choices before.

Although, perhaps with further time healing with this group, I could research, offer advice in coordinating cooldowns with Dupz and Marrowgar. In time perhaps.

I’m sure, recalling back now, that the final pull was 5 attempts. Raid was extraordinarily on form, every ‘main’ player was there, a well-rounded composition. Each spending at least one night getting accustomed to these mechanics. Commenced this night at full speed.

Vantus Runed up, both raid leaders present, good to go! Kill pull itself feels a little blurry, as they tend to merge with the last somewhat. One thing I recall clearly is Dupz, one of the two raid leaders voice over comms repeating ‘Stay calm, don’t panic’, while Marrowgar the other, recited mechanic order and kill priorities. Both extremely helpful in their own right.

Managed to blanket a considerable portion of the raid with HoTs before – DEAD. Gutted to be dead during a clear like this. What did I say you about never getting the numbers on the logs that reflect healing?! haha. Will need to investigate but believe I may have topped the meters till the end. absolute necessity to commit keeping myself alive, even at expense of healing, it’s repeating too frequently now.

EDIT: Just rewatched the video back and I survived the full run till the end, though that I died but that must of been the run before! xD


Holy hand grenades guys and gals [Parasitic Spore] dropped!!! RCLoot Council running today. Made that mistake in This Week…8th May blog. That was not going to happen tonight, no chance.

I put forward a BIS roll. IL over anything, the chance of getting two 925 [Persistence] or [Grovewalker] is slim to none before the release of Tomb of Sargaras. Even then Resto balancing has a prospect of shifting so much, it would be a waste not to apply for it.

Knowing that Life Relics are used, almost universally, and with a fellow Resto applying, it’s going to be a low chance of getting this.

Ohhhhh, damn ‘YES!!!’ calling out over comms with excitement. ‘GET IN’ might be somewhat pumped..its mine! Massive jump now as Artifact Weapon at 934!!

A quick and concise post today, due to the majority of all you can write about in previous Days blog. Producing a couple of PvP arena blogs this weekend as friends from back in SoO are doing some casual games. Always enjoy getting back in touch with friends, Warcraft invariably brings people back sooner or later.

Time for [Star Augur Etraeus] now. Will blog a post on encounter prep for this, with where I find information and thoughts on what I’ve heard. Maybe even a basic build in my head, but this is so hard to do without seeing where and how the damage is coming in. No guide can tell you the strengths of your healing comp or incoming damage..only time can tell that.

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