Heroic Kil’jaden Kill

YES!!! we got him.

Maybe I put to much focus on trying to push for a mythic kill, we could of protentally got this cleared a week before. I have so much faith in our team, we defo take a moment or two longer to perfect a boss than our counterparts in Mythic 1 Team. But I know that we have the skill, and the willingness to push this tier.

Mythic Goroth was down to 20% on our last night at it, by the time we revist we would of clear heroic twice. Thats a massive gear change when facing an encounter like Goroth. I know we have a seriously strong chance of getting through him, without having to spend time perfecting mechanics.

Crossing into mythic is always a big step but once your in there, heroic becomes a cake walk. The gear is actual BiS rather than BiS for now. More than that though the moment you have mythic on farm, you know that you can start cutting more out. As in rather than running normal in ‘own’ time heroic will takee it’s place. Farm night will be to get to our progression point.

This is my plan to ease the burn, maybe it will work lol maybe.

I know that the way in which M2RAZE conducts the Goroth fight that we should kill it on Thursday coming. I’m worried about the boss after though. The amount of coordination required to manage both the interrupts and the cage switch maybe our downfall. Hartajan I’ve heard is quite abit harder than Demon though. Guess I should just keep my eye on the boss in front of me rather than in the distance. Even if close.

Brightside though the stream is growing almost naturally now and the number of views on youtube are climbing nicely. Thank you everyone for supporting.

Heroic Kil’jaden (KJelly) Progression night

Finally after only a couple of nights he’s down!! great job to everyone on the team.

Since we have already mastered Mythic Goroth, dropping to sub 20%. I can’t imagine that it will be long before we are cruising through the first couple Mythic bosses. It’s easy, with raiders like these!

Check out the stream of the progression and ultimatly the kill of Heroic Kil’jaden

Day 2 – Mythic Goroth Progression

Still finding it hard to make time to write up blogs, but check out the video of our Mythic progression night on Goroth below.

I thought that once the tactics had been laid out, that will be most of the duties of raid leader were done, bar the in raid, leading….oh so very very wrong. From the normal welfare issues of raiders. To having no officers in the posistions that we are struggling with, such as recuitment (damn you M1being so awesome and soaking up apps) or admin. With a knowing that due to the tight roster, everyone needs to play everynight we raid, I know the burn will set in again. 🙁

Lots to think about for the upcoming weeks…more emphasis on blogs though! I promise to share this journey….just as soon as I think of a way to grow the team.

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First Days Leading

Fallen Avatar, Kil’jaden Normal and a full Heroic Tomb clear is laid before me. There’s a lot this Mythic 2 team has to conquer before even contemplating entering on the difficulty equal to our name. New Healing coordinator, new admin officer, changes in composition…And a new raid leader. Medacus.

Congratulations on picking up the healing coordinator this tier Eresos. A fairly recent addition to the team, this Holy Priest is one of the finest healers I’ve seen in a long time. Someone I really think would be topping the meters on most fights! A true challenge to keep up with, which I love. I know through whispers that Eresos and I have, he likes to keep in the loop with other healing classes, even if I had to correct some information he held on Resto Druids lol

Congratulations on stepping up to the admin officer role Kelyssa. Not a role that is apparent during the raid but couldn’t happen without the support and prep of the raid admin. You can’t lead if you don’t have a team, and you can’t have a team without administration. Kelyssa is an extremely good player, and with accepting this position, maybe encourage him to become a little more vocal within the raid. Melee lead would suit this raider perfectly.

I logged onto voice comms early, as requested by Ebinissia. I was fully expecting an ‘interview’ type chat, but I was pleasantly surprised to greet a warm welcome to the officer position within RAZE. We spent some time covering the reasons behind the events that occurred over the last couple of days. The burnout got to the lofty heights of officers, no one is safe.

The conversation finished with a “You ok to lead tonight?”. Tonight as in the next five minutes! I wasn’t being presumptuous but I did cover the tactics for Fallen Avatar and Kil’jaden, just in case. The last thing I would want is to be given the Raid Leader position and not be prepared at all! but now it’s actually happening…oh this got real quick! xD

I was announced as Leader at the start of the raid, I believe that the overall response was fairly welcoming which honestly settled my nerves somewhat. First night nerves would be an understatement! I was sweating while delivering the opening speech about the change in officer structure. I know this is just a game but leading in real life or a game, is still leading. and still scary as shit!

Enough of skirting around the edges and delaying a possible failure, as my leading cherry is popped tonight let’s get in there. Starting on something like Goroth would be nice as a warm up, but that’s not going to happen. Fallen Avatar is next for us.

I started to discuss the tactics of this boss, looking back through my stream and recording of this fight, so many sentences didn’t even make sense, haha The nerves are clearly showing through now. Maybe this feeling, this inability to communicate fades…soon. I really hope it does as I’m sounding like a rambling fool right now lol

Check out the video of a raider losing their leading virginity, come back here after watching 🙂



Yes, that Fallen Avatar was a one-shot. From starting the raid, and seeing this boss for this time, to downing the second to last encounter within this instance. ONE-SHOT. These are seriously good raiders, all I had to do was point them in the right direction and nudge them back on track, they do the rest. Knowing that Marrowgarr was also there helping throughout was like a safety net, an extra respected voice really helps with the overall raid awareness and control.

The DPS and HPS have always been high, rarely have we hit a numbers check. The time suck to down a boss ordinarily tends to be spent on learning, mastering mechanics with this group. Something I feel we need to focus more emphasis on. The numbers always come naturally when the mechanics are second nature, plus a low DPS is 1000% better than a dead one.

There is on almost every boss in this instance a ‘soak’ or ‘split’ mechanic, losing one or two raiders then snowballs the difficulty of the boss. That’s when things go wrong and they go wrong quickly.

Kil’jaden as the last boss, I was fully expecting a boss that requires a tonne of time to master mechanics. Blizzard has very transparent architecture behind the boss design in the last few tiers (I’ll cover my thoughts on this in follow up post)

The final boss of every encounter is designed to be a time suck. A design that will wipe you very early unless performed correctly, multiple mechanics that will wipe like that, and multiple phases usually ending in every lethal mechanic thrown at you at once.

Kil’jaden was down in 10 attempts, this was the first test as a leader. Most fights before could be cheesed, going smoother the more direction and advice you gave throughout. This, however, was a different story. If you didn’t follow the mechanics, the set-out tactics (that had to be right and simple to follow) it was a wipe. No cheesing a mechanic that kills you if not performed correctly!!

I wasn’t fully prepared to enter Heroic, but after dropping Kil’jaden in what I called call a swift manner in my opinion. Every raider was itching to take on more. I hope that a spike in boss downs and a positive raid leading is restoring moral in the team. Which currently one of the most important task to cover on my list!!!!

Tryle Demon Hunter – Another victim of the burn, alot going with this top DPS. I hope that we can stop losing so many really goo players like this. I’ll be thinking of a way to resolve this issue. A top DPS will be missed.

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Losing a Leader

I knew that the blog would slow during the opening week of Tomb, so much to learn in regards to mechanics and the new strengths of Resto since patch changes…never did I think the reason for the delay in blogs was this to come…

It was Wednesday and the day to breach the Tomb of Sargaras was upon us. This is the moment that our prep pays off. If we hit this running then we could get into mythic earlier and get this tier done before any more burnouts.

It was a rather uninspiring speech from Dup, as within two minutes of starting a tier he announces that he is stepping down as raid leader…as we stand at the doors!!!

Tilted would be an understatement. Three weeks ‘break’ to get this on day one of return without so much as a replacement lined up. I’m speaking as Medacus and certainly not as a ‘real’ person. I know that there’s not always time to play, and real life always comes first. But some notice, some prep time for a replacement would have been good.

Marrowgarr, as Co-lead stepped up and took point for us. New raid plus having just been dropped a bombshell like ‘so long, and thanks for all the loot’. That’s not a place I’d like to stand in.

Ebinissia quickly followed up with an announcement that Mythic 2 are currently looking for a healing coordinator, and now a raid leader. This is my time to shine I can take more responsibility for the healing on this team and that’s one small part of a large machine that is covered.

I’ve taken a moment to consider and decided that becoming a healing coordinator would help the team as a whole. I’ve whispered Ebinissia, my name is in the hat.

It wasn’t till halfway through a slow and mainly tank ‘n’ spank run on normal without mechanics, that I received a number of whispers myself about volunteering for co-lead position!!

No, they can’t believe that I could lead this…do they think I can? do I think I could?

Spent a large majority of the remaining raid time contemplating the position. Contemplating if I can live up to such a responsibility. Contemplating is this what I want?

Dup and Marrowgarr both did a fantastic job throughout Nighthold, but on more than once occasion I asked myself ‘why are we doing this?’. Was I the only one thinking this? or was I surrounded by others that felt as equally lost to the bigger picture.

Could I live up to Dup’s position? that was the big question on my mind, stood before me was an already well established Mythic raiding team, who had been spoilt by exceptional raid leaders running up to now lol Could I continue from that?

I thought the same in Afghanistan, but I have a habit of stepping up when required. One of those people that the more stress I’m placed under, the better I perform. Perhaps, just perhaps I could lead until some sort of Warcraft leading ninja appears (in my mind this happens in a puff of smoke). Regardless though it’s the day of raid release and I want to kill things!

I was spammed by a number of whispers “Go for leader!”, “Wouldn’t you like to lead us?” if I couldn’t make up my mind then my fellow raiders have done it for me. I will lead.

I’ll put my name into the hat and see if it’s considered. I whispered EbinIssia about my thoughts on becoming the next raid leader. With much relief, the response was a rather positive one. The last thing I wanted to hear was “are you joking?” as I put my neck and feelings out on a limb.

“We will discuss this further tomorrow” 7/9 normal clear after a night of basically cheesing mechanics. A number of raiders walked away after a boss stating “I have no idea how we did that!”, standing in everything, rarely following mechanics lol Day one raiding is normally a cluster…fun.

It’s always nice to pick up new gear, but finding upgrades to your mythic gear, you’ve put so much effort into obtaining, is not a nice feeling. I just cheesed most of the new tier and increased my IL by five! And I wasn’t particularly lucky tonight. It’s something that Blizzard needs to think about if they continue to release raids at the rate they are. If I go through the wipes and the progression to get Mythic equipped then I’d really like to wear it for more than a month. xD

Roll on Thursday. Decisions will be made.

Dupx, Dupz – Resto Druid, Hunter, Resto Shammy D.o.R (date of raiding :)) Was the Raid Leader of the team on my entry, Dup went through my application and on-boarding process. Skilled Healer and DPS, matched only by his ability to lead. Will be missed.

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