Day 2 – Mythic Goroth Progression

Still finding it hard to make time to write up blogs, but check out the video of our Mythic progression night on Goroth below.

I thought that once the tactics had been laid out, that will be most of the duties of raid leader were done, bar the in raid, leading….oh so very very wrong. From the normal welfare issues of raiders. To having no officers in the posistions that we are struggling with, such as recuitment (damn you M1being so awesome and soaking up apps) or admin. With a knowing that due to the tight roster, everyone needs to play everynight we raid, I know the burn will set in again. ­čÖü

Lots to think about for the upcoming weeks…more emphasis on blogs though! I promise to share this journey….just as soon as I think of a way to grow the team.

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