Madskillzz Armoury Check

Anticipating for ‘grind’ queue pops, Looking for raids, random battlegrounds, with @Madskillzz stream playing as I normally do. It was armoury night. I’ve not been on Twitch much, only really following since beginning own stream about two weeks ago.

First time I’ve seen a live, real-time armoury check with feedback and discussion. Definitely game for this! Notoriously struggled with getting the theory just right in Legion. Have tendencies to play the way I feel is right. Rather than the way that could perform better using the correct stats and proven theory crafting. Always been a pitfall for Medacus.

Could march on wearing my item level gear a try to match Mads?!! Strut around like some peacock, but I’m not a laser turkey. Stats are so off balance, it would be laughable. I’m eager and equally nervous as I paste my armoury link onto the forum for all to see.

Eager and proud to show off Medacus, gear farmed, bosses downed, time spent in Mythic+. You better not slate her Mad lol

What if it’s all wrong? I’ve just posted my character, spending all the time getting to the position I’m at now. What if all these pro-Restos mock Medacus?! You better not mock her Mad lol

No, I’m far from some scrub noob that ignores all theory, it must be somewhat close to being on target. Always willing to refine Medacus as much as I can. You can bring it on Mad.

Armoury two before mine is up and this character is a 913 monster – Madskillzz responds after going through all elements “you could check others armoury. get outta here” was this my competition? oh damn, I’m out of my league. Go easy on the new guy Mad!

One armoury check left before I’m on, taking a while as pointer after pointer is related. Feeling better as this Character is being constructively built up. Ok, Mad I’m ready….

Medacus will now be found farming Nethershards in the broken shore for a new trinket until further notice….

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