Day 1 – Elisande

Had a cheeky hour at the end of the Star Augar kill on Thursday, so I’ve started my blog off with a blatant lie! I feel terrible…honest. Was exactly what the raid needed after having to play near perfectly during Star Augar to stop wiping the raid. “Get your stupid out now” – Dupz announced. Light-hearted fun, no fear of performance or mocking. Another lie, still lots of mocking occurred!

Spending an hour basically not hitting the boss, but dodging the Arcanetic rings. The way we were dodging this there wasn’t hope for much else to be fair lol Stacking tight to begin…first ring hits….there are people outside of my healing range, running in circles and if I had to bet were actively hitting as many rings as they could. Was such a laugh!

Beginning of the first real day on Elisande hopes aren’t high for a kill. Normally a week progression is about right, with two on Star Augar. Perhaps the difficulty is jumping higher than I first thought, maybe we should order two weeks worth of Vantis runes.

Great to have Narite back in the group, there’s no way of comparing how you are performing unless you have another Resto in the group! Jammy git is rolling with Velen’s and Alman Thul’s Wisdom now, this guys luck! He was sporting Tearstone (back when super OP). I think his raid gear is also close to 915 almost 7 ILs higher. I will not let him beat me!

Super competitive healing roster and Narite and I are the only double healer class, largely due I feel this is due to Resto beeing OP. Which goes along with patch 7.2.5 and ‘re-balancing’. Best get praying to RNGesus for some serious TitanFrog gear.

It would certainly appear that we have got all our stupid out on previous attempts, or at least as much as the night could take. I’ve got a whole lot of stupid inside me. Orbs are starting to look doable, people are moving as more of a unit than a headless chicken.

The DPSs aim is to transition the boss after the third orb phase, that seems a light year away. The smoother the orbs go, the more second nature it becomes and the opener becomes a set routine the numbers, healing and damage will skyrocket. Currently getting seven orbs xD numbers will have to certainly rocket to hit the target.

Rolling with Tranq on the pull, feel the waves of damage it’s better to pull out a saving Tranq more often. Makes for more forgiving progression as at this point everything is sloppy, Pools in wrong place, Adds free hitting annoyed hunters and such.

Another reason for rolling tranq is that I feel there aren’t enough GCD’s to keep up a decent enough Germination uptime to warrant losing a tier talent, my bones are telling me this is completely wrong assumption right now though. I’m noticing at this point in early progression that I’m not actually casting anything during the orb phase. This is a massive amount of downtime.

Tranq isn’t so bad as I’m rocking the Crocs…legendary tranq boots so could be a competitive choice. Nope, not even slightly! rocking about 600k HPS and raid is wiping within the three-minute mark, so no need to shorten to two minutes, even if helpful for progression.

Elisande Logs

Narite is smashing the 1 million HPS mark often now. These pulls are short, perhaps he’s just blowing his load early and will be out of mana by the third phase. Whispers “how’s the mana?” he’s gonna come back with someone absurd like ‘low! I’m spamming my ass off’ Nope, not even slightly xD god damn that Druid, why does my rival have to push me so hard!!!!

I’m the designated range puller at the start. I don’t really get the reasoning behind the setup for this. I know that the first to hit Elisande drops the pool, but I’m completely lost as to why the other members need to stack behind the pool in a corner?? Couldn’t they just stand 8-10 yards or however big the pool is to the right? I must be missing something.

Attempts are going really well. Hit phase two a couple of times, with the general movement around orbs seeming to become easier. This is allowing the DPS to put a larger focus on their own requirements. The fundamental aim of this boss would appear to be an emphasis on DPS switching and timing. The timing of when the adds die, especially the Slow Add, if killed exactly right it can slow up to three rounds of orbs.

YAY! blessing again, got to send Sindel a gift in the post ­čÖé

Orb death, after a practice hour and now another hour working at it is starting to get frowned upon. Rightly so, Marrowgar announces that this isn’t something that we should be dying to. It’s a large, glowing orb, that moves in almost exactly the same way every pull. come on how much easier could it be…

The pull after marrow said that – DEAD, to ‘easy’ orbs!!! xD

Tranq’s the moment both adds are active is swapping the position of Narite and I around on the HPS board, but only halfway through the CD of a reduced Tranq. Initial burst healing followed by a lull of nearly nothing for two minutes. Although that two-minute mark really lines up nicely.

Takes so much concentration and full attention to dodge orb, throw out HoT’s, position for singularity, predict damage patterns and worry about meter lol didn’t even notice the tank was dead at one point while hogging a resurrection!!

Must remember to make a /target macro for Elisande

Pool spawning positioning seems to be a big issue, I personally can’t see why? Due to how quickly the phase changes and cleans the room, as long as you don’t drop at a tanks feet, as that would result in potential DPS loss or slap bang in the middle of a speed buff I can’t see an issue.

I’ve utterly torn in the tier 90 talents, maybe Spring Blossoms can pull the numbers as we are stacking better now.

Break at half way mark – I’ve taken germination, progression is making the orbs cleaner, there is a marked improvement on the raid positioning in general and the phase is transitioning quicker. All good, all round.

HPS is much higher already, and I can feel I┬á just need more attempts using it on this fight now to really push it. Almost convinced myself there was a single fight herein, which Germ/Shoulders combo wasn’t the only way to go. Nope, not even close!

Walked straight into an orb in mid, never seen one there before – DEAD. Oh, must remember when running the Germ/Shoulders combo to take the Crocs off and put shoulders on….No idea how many pulls hahaha

Macro issues all round xD ‘ummmm…. Dupz I’ve not been interrupting’ – as the chat box is filled with jibberish remotely resembling a target interpret macro. Silence from voice comms as you can just tell Dupz is in the middle of a deep, and meaningful face-palm.

Another orb cuddle from Medacus – DEAD talking about performance. I’m concerned about Bungie one of the latest trials joined during Star Augar, maybe earlier. I don’t think he made it onto the team. The fear is real haha

DEAD Medacus hits Orb again like a magnet to a Hard Drive :'( only saving grace is I’m not the only one, perhaps I can hide amongst the dead and the leaders won’t notice this time. Mwhahaha!!

Starting to think that the phases could possibly be pushed a little quicker at this point now, but like every boss in Nighthold, there is an ‘anti-farm’ mechanic, exoskeleton for Skorpyron, Overwhelming power buff for Chono, Cake for Trilliax and so on.

This would be the slow and the necessity to ‘lose’ DPS killing it. Wonder if there’s a way around it. Raid wide defensive, followed by Roar and just run through. Pure Cheese.

Our friendly Rogue Euron is shouting out when to switch to the boss, rather than the leader’s plan….Brave, brave man. Joking.
Not brave, foolish.

Medacus eats another Orb – DEAD…DAMN IT!

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