Druid Flight Form

It was the 3rd or 4th, something like that. A good friend, excellent player and avid supporter of the journey, Kelssya mentioned that the class order hall mounts will be obtainable by the 6th…not overly excited to be honest, due to the fact that every…single Druid will have it. So much for individuality.

But if there is a quest in the Dreamgrove for me and a free mount in the end, then why not.

It wasn’t until the 6th and a very severe lack of quest givers, did I realise that the Legionfall campaign on the broken shore was the build up!!

I had been following along pretty much as they were realised. All the way up to the ‘find hidden chests’ damn that was a sucky mission. I don’t want to fly around the Broken Shore looking for chests that will give little but more order resources lol

Straight off to download HandyNotes and every other addon to make this go smoother. I’m sure at places the counter glitched. Probably due to the fact Turox ask if I wanted to heal a Mythic+, actually think I ran flew to the dungeon before he sent invites out. Just to get away from treasure hunting.

I felt like that one guy you see on the beach with a metal detector. Normally socks and sandals, and almost certainly a bum-pack full of can ring-pulls. I wanted this done as quickly as I could…before anyone sees me xD

HandyNotes made this a quick ordeal. Before I knew it I was smashing through the quests proceeding. Kill Demons, Collect shards. The normal ‘lets pad this expansion’ quests from Blizzard.

Going to get this mount in no time. Until the time gate quest, ‘complete three Legion missions’ aww man!

Six hours later and I’m sure only one mission was completed, but there was a large shiny gold hand in mark on my map. I’m not going to complain about all bugs in Warcraft!.

Flying through this now…

Quest in the Dreamgrove is waiting for me, finally. Surrounded by this point by a million owl-bird-thingy-druids.

Time to start the quest for a new mount.

Recorded my first ‘come along’ video (link below) rough around the edges would be an understatement ­čÖé but baby steps and all that. check it out and let me know what you think about it.

Was a rather short questline but that was expected due to the fact that Blizzard had to produce one quest line for each class! that’s a lot of content.

wasn’t until I tried to find the ‘bird’ in mounts that I finally realised that this a mod to the instant flight form for druids hahaha typical Medacus getting half the information onboard!

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