Journey to Concordance

I’ve been super quiet publishing blogs, think the last batch were regarding the kill of High Botanist Tel’arn, nearly two weeks ago!! The chief reason for this, other than the social media explosion and subscriber mail list creation for the site consuming my time, was [Concordance of the Legionfall].

Mentioned in a previous blog that members of Mythic 1 were beginning to get [Concordance], left me thinking I was a part-time player, sitting on 47 traits at the time or something equally noobie ­čÖé

Mythic 2 raiders started announcing that they too had achieved this great feat. Now I’m motivated! (motivated or pissed that I haven’t) It’s almost expected that our ‘big brother’ Mythic team would get [Concordance] before, then we, and the cascade continues throughout guild structure, Heroic team, normal and so on.

But raiders in my team have it, I should have it. I will get it! I was hovering around the top 100 for Artifact Power obtained on the realm for so long. Once I hit the fourth golden trait that changed. The numbers got so big and the days left until Tomb of Sargaras was so distant. By the time it came close, Artifact Knowledge could almost carry me to [Concordance] with little effort.

That competitive spirit of mine reared it’s ugly head again, I had to grind. Grind like a boss to catch up. I decided to abandon doing dailies, world quests and legion invasions every day. Only smashing all faction three caches in a morning, as to not miss the chests.

Don’t get me wrong, there is Artifact Power there and you can rack up a substantial amount. Plus side of the above is there is no way you won’t receive rewards. In comparison to battlegrounds for instance, if you lose that’s 15 minutes grind time wasted

I wanted a higher return though, I searched for a pre-made rated battleground group, and just friendly whispered ‘if you’re ever short a healer…’ the daily rewards for an RBG was at that point just over 22 million a win. Higher Return.

Next on my list was was to do the same with a Mythic+ group, I used to be asked to heal on a Friday evening with M Queen Sindel. Alongside Dupz and lead by an off healing monster of a DeathKnight Sheldon (who, by the way, is incredibly jealous of this blog ;))

Whisper: ‘Fancy healing a quick RBG Med??’
Medacus: ‘Sure, sweeet sweeet AP :)’

But I think that since Bombdigity switched mid patch to a healer, all the extra power is needed, Not that he’s healing needs improving, this guy can smash out the HPS and no doubt can withstand a 20+ keystone.

Perhaps I will make my own Mythic+ group and challenge the Queens throne someday xD

Whisper: ‘just one more RBG’
Medacus: ‘defo’

I searched the pre-made group finder, spamming 9-14 keys for the AP, but principally for the group. Any group with members from the same guild, Medacus would throw on her best transmog, cheesiest smile and chat away, oh and keep people alive.

Before I knew it I had received more friend requests from people who were actually reinviting, than I’ve ever had before. Used to have a long friends list, full of that ‘one good run’ Tank or DPS, I’ve never heard or spoke to again lol

Go through your friend’s list now and you’ll see what I mean, you will scroll through saying to yourself ‘I know him’ or ‘I know her’ then it will happen…. ‘who?’ Blizzard gave the ability to set Notes to friend name before they gave the ability to open all mail from a mailbox. This unknown friend must be a global epidemic for Blizzard to do something about it!

Whisper: ‘+17 Medacus, you down?’
Medacus: ‘ouch lol sure’
Whisper: ‘RBG in an hour’
Medacus: ‘cool – hopefully, be free by then xD’

Reuben, a Brewmaster Monk. Vocal tank with a Mythic DPS team behind her is almost as much progression as I have. Hit the Keystone jackpot here! the +14 went so smoothly it was close to boring and would have been if we hadn’t been on voice comms.

Voice can turn a boring grind from being the main focus, into something you happen to be doing while chilling with mates. This difference is how I think I’m not burning out, I very much doubt I’d be able to sit silently for a 6 hours Mythic+ grind without some form of distraction or social interaction. Would kill me, even through a Prydaz.

Days were planned now, RBG win for the 22 million, Keystones for serious AP. I’m not going to lie, raiding normal and heroic would also give a tonne of AP. I just can’t go through three nighthold runs a week with a group that could potentially wipe on every boss. Someone leave between resulting in a twenty-minute wait while a new member joins and is summoned. No thank you.

Whisper: ‘Arena fun?’
Whisper: ‘got a cheeky keystone, if you want?’
Whisper: ‘RBG?’
Medacus: ‘ummmm’

That was the plan and within a few days I was closing in on the 2 billion AP point, I was closing in on Concordance. Running Keys over 15 really made a huge difference alongside the broken shore buff. I was at trait 52, I had made it. I was one of the many members that completed grind. Done, never again…

Maybe just get [Concordance] for Balance xD

The goal here was to get to 52 traits but by the end, I had received something greater. I was now a member of a friendly and rather successful RBG team, who I still play with and have so much fun.

A growing friends list with vocal and engaging people. The grind has finished but I’m actually finding I want to play more now. Some sort of cruel irony in that now the ‘need’ is gone the ‘want’ fills.

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