This Week…3rd May

Reset day!! Recently our raid leaders cut a full heroic run, suggesting increased focus on mythic progression, not something I’m completely convinced is a great idea, the appeal of still running heroic is extensive!! Titanfrog gear is literally the only upgrades you’re going to find now even when running lower half Mythic clears (Mythic+ has really broadened where you can get gear upgrades from) Secondly the artifact power you obtain from a heroic boss is pretty major, currently on Artifact Knowledge 32, and 3.2 million for a raid boss is tasty!! anyway….

Had a couple of new additions to the team, noticeably a new Holy Priest. He’s really good! too damn good haha caught me off guard and for the first few pulls he was beating me on the meters….hell no! now I know it’s not about the meters/HPS but more effective healing and mana management so on so, but I’m too damn competitive for that.

Starting off with Grand Magistrix Elisande then onto Gul’dan, no need to heal these ones so Medacus switches over to Balance for a quick clear.

Grand Magistrix Elisande Log

Gul’dan Log

[Whispers in the Dark] dropped again can’t remember how many coins I spent trying to get that and since I’ve got it, drop after drop! 🙂 how many get the exact same thing?! Blizzard must be toying with us.

Finally, Mythic Farm time, coming up close to 20:00 now, it’s natural that the farm speed slows down a little when you have new peeps with you, bosses die as fast or quicker but there’s the ‘this is how we do it’ for each boss to go over.

Skorpyron Log

Chronomatic Anomaly Log

Trilliax Log

Spellblade Aluriel Log

Remembered to change talents during the exit/enter to switch raid, I’m so bad with at remembering [Tome of Clear Mind], forever asking or pulling out guild bank for a couple more, Druids have to swap tier 90 choices depending on fights (or as I’ve found depending on your legendary). Ran with the basic [Spring Blossoms] build. Stuck with that till [Trilliax]. Will go over my thoughts and why I think certain build are good for me on bosses on a separate full page soon.

Really must reflect about how to increase my healing on [Spellblade Aluriel], but not appropriate now as tonight will be pushing the last two farm bosses: [Krosus] and [Tichondrius], in advance of some solid progression again 🙂

Super psyched to get to [High botanist Tel’arn] and give that a bash, our ‘grown-up’ raiding brother Mythic 1 are currently fighting on Gul’dan, and this week I believe that there was a nerf so surely they get it soon. The Rank 2 on the realm is currently on 8/10 so a strong race here on Alonsus!

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