Losing a Leader

I knew that the blog would slow during the opening week of Tomb, so much to learn in regards to mechanics and the new strengths of Resto since patch changes…never did I think the reason for the delay in blogs was this to come…

It was Wednesday and the day to breach the Tomb of Sargaras was upon us. This is the moment that our prep pays off. If we hit this running then we could get into mythic earlier and get this tier done before any more burnouts.

It was a rather uninspiring speech from Dup, as within two minutes of starting a tier he announces that he is stepping down as raid leader…as we stand at the doors!!!

Tilted would be an understatement. Three weeks ‘break’ to get this on day one of return without so much as a replacement lined up. I’m speaking as Medacus and certainly not as a ‘real’ person. I know that there’s not always time to play, and real life always comes first. But some notice, some prep time for a replacement would have been good.

Marrowgarr, as Co-lead stepped up and took point for us. New raid plus having just been dropped a bombshell like ‘so long, and thanks for all the loot’. That’s not a place I’d like to stand in.

Ebinissia quickly followed up with an announcement that Mythic 2 are currently looking for a healing coordinator, and now a raid leader. This is my time to shine I can take more responsibility for the healing on this team and that’s one small part of a large machine that is covered.

I’ve taken a moment to consider and decided that becoming a healing coordinator would help the team as a whole. I’ve whispered Ebinissia, my name is in the hat.

It wasn’t till halfway through a slow and mainly tank ‘n’ spank run on normal without mechanics, that I received a number of whispers myself about volunteering for co-lead position!!

No, they can’t believe that I could lead this…do they think I can? do I think I could?

Spent a large majority of the remaining raid time contemplating the position. Contemplating if I can live up to such a responsibility. Contemplating is this what I want?

Dup and Marrowgarr both did a fantastic job throughout Nighthold, but on more than once occasion I asked myself ‘why are we doing this?’. Was I the only one thinking this? or was I surrounded by others that felt as equally lost to the bigger picture.

Could I live up to Dup’s position? that was the big question on my mind, stood before me was an already well established Mythic raiding team, who had been spoilt by exceptional raid leaders running up to now lol Could I continue from that?

I thought the same in Afghanistan, but I have a habit of stepping up when required. One of those people that the more stress I’m placed under, the better I perform. Perhaps, just perhaps I could lead until some sort of Warcraft leading ninja appears (in my mind this happens in a puff of smoke). Regardless though it’s the day of raid release and I want to kill things!

I was spammed by a number of whispers “Go for leader!”, “Wouldn’t you like to lead us?” if I couldn’t make up my mind then my fellow raiders have done it for me. I will lead.

I’ll put my name into the hat and see if it’s considered. I whispered EbinIssia about my thoughts on becoming the next raid leader. With much relief, the response was a rather positive one. The last thing I wanted to hear was “are you joking?” as I put my neck and feelings out on a limb.

“We will discuss this further tomorrow” 7/9 normal clear after a night of basically cheesing mechanics. A number of raiders walked away after a boss stating “I have no idea how we did that!”, standing in everything, rarely following mechanics lol Day one raiding is normally a cluster…fun.

It’s always nice to pick up new gear, but finding upgrades to your mythic gear, you’ve put so much effort into obtaining, is not a nice feeling. I just cheesed most of the new tier and increased my IL by five! And I wasn’t particularly lucky tonight. It’s something that Blizzard needs to think about if they continue to release raids at the rate they are. If I go through the wipes and the progression to get Mythic equipped then I’d really like to wear it for more than a month. xD

Roll on Thursday. Decisions will be made.

Dupx, Dupz – Resto Druid, Hunter, Resto Shammy D.o.R (date of raiding :)) Was the Raid Leader of the team on my entry, Dup went through my application and on-boarding process. Skilled Healer and DPS, matched only by his ability to lead. Will be missed.

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Soul of the Archdruid

Super quick post, announcing I’ve just received, potentially BiS legendary on day 1 of patch!! Soul of the Archdruid! My ledgo luck is normally quite terrible, still no Velens or Tearstone. Would appear I can’t complain about that any longer.

But I have to say even with the crazy Resto nerfs I’m confident that we will still be strong. This ring is a playstyle-changer. The impression that Blizzard wants us to be more effective at single target and burst healing is apparent.

Felt the need to branch out to Turox and bounce some thoughts off of him. Stat weights and views on changes in general. Perhaps I’ll get him on Voice at some point and have a Resto discussion to post up for everyone.

I need to pull the numbers now. I can feel the eyes looking at the meters seeing how the patch has affected certain classes. The worse case scenario would be starting Tomb benched, as the run up would indicate other classes performing.

The only relieving factor is that I know Dupx one of the two raid leaders in the team, has not only healed, but Resto healed. He will fully understand that a druid healer is a progression healer. Farm content we are nothing but a rank 1 overheal machine.

Time to relook at talents and try out this new ring….farm run tonight! Will be dropping Cultivation (as I should of far earlier for farm :() replacing with TREE maybe even running with prosperity for a real ‘test run’

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7.2.5 Patch Day!!!

Not going to lie…I’m a tiny bit excited about today. Since the break, I’ve been thinking of nothing but getting back into raiding, nerfed or not!!

Going to briefly post pics of the changes in 7.2.5 with a follow-up comment on my thoughts after a day of playing. Oh before I start this is incredibly underwhelming….if it wasn’t for the pre-patch hype I would of easily not noticed that there even was a change. Bar some addons not working lol

Let’s start off with the only things announced that will be a certain, a Timewalking raid and a couple of tiny shit holidays where, and I had to re-read this, you can dance in an auction house. Jesus Blizzard…

Timewalking raids sound like fun, certainly something I would have enjoyed doing say, during a 16-month stint in Hellfire Citadel. Not now, there are bosses I’ve not have time to down from Trial of Valor, almost two instances ago! but sure, yeah, throw in an extra raid day with no loot incentive or meaningful rewards xD

I can almost picture the boardroom at Blizzard “How do we tackle, fix, this worldwide epidemic of raid burnout”…”I got it! Let’s put more raids in shorter periods and then…throw in another raid on top!” haha

On that note, I have also been trying to work out how the designer for this tier set managed to wrangle REUSING old work, can you imagine going to your boss and saying “I’ve not done any work, at all. I just thought we could just use old stuff. Could I also get a pay rise?” What a legend! What a lazy legend!

Next up is an ‘All New Story Scenario’ – the world’s biggest massively multiplayer online role-playing game* announces more solo content! Huge floods of content this expansion? perhaps from your point of view Blizz, as you’re making 11 times more content than we are seeing. Doubtful I’ll see any of this content at all due to the fact you’ve killed Alts!
*opinion, not fact ­čÖé

To be fair about this since the reduction of Artifact Knowledge levels recently, and randomly, before the patch, there is a lot more time to play Alts.

I’m not going to indulge, the trial of style, or the gnome race…apart from, what? what is this noise you making? it hurts my eyes to read.

As for this section, you might as well ignore it! Blizzard never gets the tuning down on patch day. It’s always a sad feeling when you’re super overpowered in the week before raiding. You know you’re getting the nerf hammer to the face. I always want to be mid pack, this way your class doesn’t change so much, you get a better feel for the playstyle before it’s really needed. Perhaps picking resto druid was a bad idea then lol.

Overall for this week at least, it’s a noticeable nerf for Resto. Ledgo shoulder nerf and 4% overall nerf on top of cultivation nerf.

Here is a full HC and first five Mythic that I managed to clear last night

First 7.2.5 Farm Raid

Very hard to tell from farm night how things are standing with each class, but overall, it feels like the amount of healing pumped out in general from all healers seems a little lower. I know there are a few classes on fights that can do 1+ million HPS throughout. Rarely seen that tonight.

Also difficult to tell without new ledgo or tier 20, or the damage pattern of the upcoming raid. Minor adjustments will be made though, like Cultivation.

Even with it beening hard to tell if Resto are viable in a scarely competitive guild it’s always

nice to see this for Mythic ranking…if only for a fleeting moment xD


Can we all take a moment for fallen comrades…

Narite – Resto D.o.R (date of raiding :)) End of Emerald Nightmare to Nighthold. Jumped onto the gap in our team nicely. Thankfully still with us, as a Holy Paladin. Best way to work around nerfs xD

Krocii – Holy Pala D.o.R well before my time one of the top healers when I joined at the start of Legion. The burn is real….

I’ve been working, ALOT on the marketing and social management of ‘Medacus‘. Starting streaming from scratch and learning how to overhaul the overlays and such, is more time consuming than I first thought lol

Starting to get there now with both Youtube and Twitch growing naturally. With that and a raid break the blog posts have slowed down….but no more!!! I’m back and supercharged for ToS. Expect rambles and bad annotates galore!!!

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Patch Notes taken from mmo-champion.com