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Druid Healer or not, follow collectively as Medacus advances though Legion! This blog will be a collection of thoughts on Restoration while tackling Antorus, Mythic+ runs and sharing experiences from Warcraft. Raid Leading Mythic Judge Team!

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Picture in your mind: a memory, a time that a loved one or friend has asked to watch over their precious pet, while they jet-set encompassing the world for a week or three, we’ve all got that friend that appears to only own a cat/dog to gloat about the second holiday on the sand before the English summer even attempts to shine.

You hate it, cat/dog beneath your feet, noticeable smell that the litter demands changing just as your queues popped, oh and they comprehend that you sleep at night so instantly become nocturnal and develop the strangest, almost demonic of howl/whine…This is day one of my website undertaking. But just like Fluffy or Winston, my site has grown on me. When quiet I check on it, ensure it has everything needed. I don’t want to give it back now! I don’t want to stop minding it!

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There is a torrent of information out there on Restoration Druids, finding this is very “do’s and don’ts” but not so much  “how” or “why”. You can run the perfect build or gear set but why heal that way, how can we understand it fully. Articles that effect game-play will be posted and commented on the reasons why and critique.

This is an adventure of getting the information together in one place and then following up with real-time thoughts and feelings on the builds and changes in patches. More than that this is a Blog on a Healers journey through Azeroth, follow Medacus as she progresses and develops, even have a say in how this story is unveiled with comments and suggestions.

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Medacus is NOT an EU Rank 1 Druid.. or even close, this is a Druid that gets it wrong, that is surprised when someone announces the recent patch change, and occasionally stands in the fire.

Full Mythic Emerald Nightmare clear in 7.1.5, 8/10 Mythic Nighthold clear in 7.2. Progression on the 1/9 Mythic

Welcome to the Story of Medacus