This Week…8th May

Will continue to produce a blog post concerning the week past, full of the little moments that invade Medacus’ head and the Farm Nights, but isn’t quite enough content to ramble in an individually structured thread lol so this week….

Members of Mythic 1, the full Nighthold Mythic clear team are beginning to hit 52 traits, some with off specs almost as powerful as mine, making me feel like a part time amateur! Only 265 million to trait 49, I really need to focus strenuously on Resto as I’ve been raising Balance a couple traits behind, as a spec change can seem almost like a character swap or break, something that I do to retain the ‘want’ to grind.

Actually, threw a couple million into Guardian spec, will have a week or two doing the lower level daily duties as Tank, such as the weekend event, 4 Mythic+ clears, daily heroic or even LFR.

LFR…without reservation the worse place I could consider being, partly due to the regularly toxic nature of most, partly due to the fact there are NO mechanics that demand attention what so ever, and partly due to the fact that Normal, Heroic and 6/10 Mythic clears in Nighthold is sufficient for any Druid regardless of the spec they are playing.

But LFR has the best Augment Rune drop rate and I refuse to pay 500g a pop on the auction house, especially when if one person falls we wipe. That issue was completely reversed on Wednesdays Farm Night.

Krosus is a tight fight, the DPS check is high and the probability to miss an add soak or two boosts this further, more this boss is farmed, the more I envisage we will miss those adds. Raiders get comfortable and naturally would like to improve their performance, perhaps taking a closer soak or tunnelling the boss for just that extra sec.

For those wanting to improve DPS performance, I would highly recommend this video:

Scumbag DPS embed

Farm Night

Went with Germination for High Botanist Tel’arn, suddenly realising that we are running ALOT of farm content first, not exceptional setup and but not going to keep changing all the time.

Had to practically empty the guild bank for tome of clear mind again. Going to keep changing, can’t sit and let other healers beat me, even on farm night, just can’t do it.

That moment when you notice that RCLoot Council addon isn’t active once the second boss is down and missed loot chances, nevermind really only after Titanfrogged gear, don’t believe I missed too much. Maybe a cheeky trinket for Guardian spec but not going to cry over it.

Logs link for each boss

Logs link for each boss

Logs link for each boss

Logs link for each boss

Been asked to go on the ‘interrupt’ group for chromatic, eww avoid that job, nerfs HPS to the ground, sitting with tank and one other. mumbled on voice chat ‘…oh…ok’ moments before raid leader decided that another should go alternatively. Tranquillity is the first healing cooldown at the commencement of overwhelming power ability, makes sense to pre-hot and be in position for this early…lucky escape there Journeymen.

I paused once chromatic was down to review the loot tables. Something I must do thoroughly is examine the loot for other specs when it comes to re-roll. Since Druids have a balanced stat distribution is beneficial, there can sometimes be a prominent piece for Balance or Guardian that can be an enhancement for Resto.

Another reason for loot spec switching that I’ve noticed in Nighthold is, for instance, a boss could produce four pieces of gear for Resto spec, a piece that you are especially after, whereas balance could also share that piece yet only hold three on the table. Greater chance of receiving the one that you are after.

While immersed within the loot table (by the way got nothing but Artifact power on roll) new trial priest was practically solo healing the trash to Trilliax, pumping out 1.6 million HPS…lession learnt don’t let healers solo anything, it makes them look far too good xD

Trilliax was smooth this week, commonly there is a cake or two missed, can be quite devastating, but everything went really well. Up to the point, Medacus gets Arching Bonds with a melee. Pumping out 555k HPS at this time, my highest I believe, until the moment annihilation comes in. I’ve not seen the beam direction as hugging underbelly of the boss and see nothing but feet filling my screen, certainly not used to being that intimate as a healer – DEAD.

Did Spellblade get a slight buff this week or last? Damage of the frost debuff seems to really hurt. We take, and break on ten stacks but from about six onwards it’s just chunking away hard. Really pleased when we had five members dead and a tank, we were still pushing for the kill. I mentioned this in a previous post that every pull should be a pull to the finish.

Druid mobility is infamous, a gift and a curse. ordinarily, pre-pull have a soul stone on a healer or the shaman can ank back once we wipe. Saves the whole raid running back to the boss, and can really speed up attempts on progression. This time none were available, so off I go with my mobility to carry out the run for the team. Not going to complain as I have another role in the team, anything not to get benched lol


Raid leader placed two new trials on stacking points for Spellblade and instructed them to announce if they couldn’t for any reason. ‘please confirm?’ all waited and accepted that warm fuzzy feeling after thirty seconds of silence. A roar of laughter ignited in the chat room as all thought the same. promising start from our newest members.

Pushing onto Krosus, must remember this jump down. Become almost tradition, to run toward the left-hand side (shorter drop, less damage) and jump….and float gracefully into the water, noticing a mage has cast slow fall. For all Mages out there, pick on one person you know won’t notice, and cast it. The team seem to have hours of enjoyment with this!

One of the basic raids requirements is food buff and flask, for each pull. I had to make a weak aura to remind me of this, as previously I’ve never been in a group that is able or willing to spend the time farming for consumables. I’m terrible at remembering to do so each pull.

A couple of wipes on Krosus as expected, but pushing to the hardest transition point, slam five into soak into Orb six, this happens one after another in quick succession and is one of the hardest healing moments including the end bridge. End bridge is manageable in my opinion, as you’re so close to finishing you can literally just spam everything you got along with incredible uptime with efflorescence, which normally gets us through.

My duty to Tranq that transition, pre-hot, run to soak, pop tranq while running to the front. Easy enough, but the very moment I started to channel Tranq, the orb on landed on me. I’d just used my blink, was already close to melee range for follow up healing, oh damn – DEAD, everyone DEAD – humble Medacus through chat ‘sorry about that’, nothing but silent judgement pours through my headset ­čÖé

Damn shame about that last run I was cranking up HPS that could have been a best, hovering around 720k before tranq and healing requirement was only going to rack up.

223 mil left now till trait.

That moment you realise your Artifact is holding over 321 million in Artifact Power and you’re sitting on a new trait for, no ones know how long. I’ve even installed a bar on my User Interface to indicate how much till next rank – maybe need to make this a weak aura aswell. All my numbers could have pushed so much more.

Really can’t grind Artifact Power in night hold anymore. Three times (mostly) a week for however long it’s been now is breaking me, at least Mythic+ consists of greater variation, would be helpful to have equal Artifact Power rewards and time walking available constantly, so much more ways to grind then. I know right, shoot me for proposing ‘more ways’.

Can’t wait for Day 4 on High Botanist Tel’arn, It’s got to be a kill. If you got this far into the blog, Thank you. Click on that ‘like’ button, share it on whichever social media platform you wish and/or leave a comment. Join the journey and watch as Medacus progresses Nightghold.

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