Legion was arising, Warrior main was prepped and primed to go. He had also been confirmed as a DPS in the guild team. Having only raided normal, and a couple heroic raids at this point my impression was limited. But if nothing else this was the type of guild that made you feel good, as you top the meters and outperformed – but also the type of guild that considered food/flasks/pots ‘over-rated!’ Certain we have all been in a similar situation at some point!

Stompalot was eager for whatever was coming! Wait, what? A free level 100 boost with legion you say blizzard? oh ok. But our Warrior is chomping at the bit to go doubt I’ll be playing anything other. I used to Tank with Stomp, within a Mythic guild back in Siege of Orgrimmar, had a Holy Paladin before that.

If I’m honest, I’ve tried and levelled nearly every class other than Druid and Shaman over the years, so…Druid! This could Tank, Heal and DPS, let’s give it ago.

Medacus was born…

Druids are EPICCC!!! instantly embraced the playstyle. The idea of not only an engaging rotation, but the utility was insane, shapeshifting and using an arsenal of extra buttons…Good-bye Stomp 🙂

Focusing on Healing with a Tank off spec during pre-legion launch. Always decided that world questing or leveling, while in a Tank spec, a little more relaxing. Perhaps not be the quickest way to kill though packs but it certainly felt safe while pulling, and just racing through mobs that weren’t required.

Then Legion launched and the guild was struggling to get 9 people for a run, it was time to move on. This is where our current guild Raze-Alonus comes in. Whispered anyone related to the word Raze-Alonus in-game with a friendly smile and a ‘what now’ attitude. Once the application form was filled out there was a spot for Healer in the Mythic 2 team!!! couldn’t believe it, super happy to be in a group that was not only organised but at a respectable level…damn how do we keep up with them?!!

This is a boosted character! knowing limited in-depth understanding of the class not like the Warrior or Paladin! Medacus also at this point possess NO professions at all! why would you need to? the last guild didn’t even use flasks! This Druid has work cut out for her!!

And this is where our story continues…..